About Me

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." - Pericles


What I am probably doing right now:
Using data to help solve the world’s problems, aiding a few nonprofits, helping someone reach new heights in his/her life, reading, learning about a new software, indulging my senses with a cup of tea and/or a piece of chocolate, or simply taking a nice relaxing walk while letting my imagination and nature commingle.
  • • Talent management, branding, business development and everything in-between
  • • Technology – who doesn’t love a well-built intranet, project management system, or enterprise resource planning (ERP)?
  • • Agile project management
  • • Data analytic and research
  • • Learning about different cultures
  • • Nature
  • • Health
  • • Video games
  • • Everything related to chocolate

Main Role Models
No one and yet everyone. As Hillary Clinton said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Each person has a story to tell, as long as we are willing to listen. I am blessed to have been influenced by life and life influenced by me.
Leadership Style : Servant Leader
Core Values
    • • Love
    • • Spirituality
    • • Agility
    • • Integrity
    • • Humility
    • • Creativity

    Statement of Purpose
    Some people love an all-encompassing mission and a vision clearer than the most valuable diamond. Me, I have need of only one purpose statement that conveys the basic principles by which I live my life; To become a better person each day. I do this by:
    • • Helping others become a better person
    • • Enjoying life while helping others enjoy theirs
    • • Seeking greater meaning and purpose in life
    • • Treasuring that which I have been blessed with
    • • Continuously acquiring knowledge
    • • Appreciating who I am and that which I shall become